Upon submission of an article, the article is assigned to an editor, who will perform a search for plagiarism. Once the article is confirmed to be non-plagiarized, the editor will further evaluate the article for content, structure and grammar of the article. The initial review is expected to take up to a maximum of two weeks.

One of three outcomes can be expected from the editing process. The editor reserves the right to reject the article. It can be send back to the author to fix inaccuracies and then resubmit. Finally, the editor can also forward the article to reviewers for further evaluation.

The article is sent to a minimum of three reviewers independently. The choice of reviewers are based on the article type, article topic and the availability of the reviewers. Once again, the reviewers have three choices. They can choose to reject the article, return the article to the author for edits or accept the article as is. If two out of the three reviewers agree to accept the article into the journal, then the article will be accepted for formatting and typesetting. The payment must be done by the submitting author before proceeding with typesetting and formatting.